Engineering Committee of Representatives (eCOR)


During pre-season, electrical teaches new members what things are and how they work. Sometimes, this is done by fixing or re-wiring previous robots. Time is also spent looking around the shop and ordering new parts to be ready the build our next robot. During build season, Electrical works with designing the new robot to make sure there is room for the electrical board, and other electrical components. They also make sure that what we come up with during the designing process will be possible to set up and run within our time constraints. In post-season, time is spent restoring or fixing old robots, or helping out other committees.


In build season, Mechanical physically puts together most of the robot or organizes what other committees are working on for the robot. During off-season, Mechanical spends a lot of time fixing past robots or cleaning and organizing the shop area.


Programming breathes life into the robot. We are the brains of the robot that drives it around and makes it shoot. During build season we focus on writing code of the robot, but during the off-season we are able to explore new programming concepts and teach others interested in programming. We use Java and some LabVIEW when programming the robot.

Robot Support

Robot Support leads and manages all building projects. They also draw rough drafts and do the majority of rough board work for all other committees. Robot Support organizes the shop and helps build committee’s areas by doing basic carpentry work and that needs to be done for the team.


During Build-Season Systems designs and CAD’s the robot; as well as helps manage and organize other committees that work on the robot. During Off-Season Systems helps repair parts on the robots, as well as helping out other committees. Systems is also in charge of the team’s Bill of Material every year.

App Development

App Development (App Dev) is almost a bridge between eCOR and oCOR. App Development works with Programming to allow the robots to see using computer vision. App Dev also creates apps that help Competition Support and Media. The main app that App Dev makes is the Scouting App for Competition Support. It runs on Android and is used during competitions to gather information about other teams’ robots.

Outreach Committee of Representatives (oCOR)


In build season Animation works on our 30 second animation to submit each year by creating models and animating them in Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Autodesk Maya. Off-season, Animation works to create our 40 second safety video and other projects. Time is also spent teaching new members how to use the Autodesk software, and learning about new techniques, strategies, and more software features to make our videos better each year.


Archiving keeps well organized records of when our team was mentioned in the news or in news papers. They also organize statistics on the happening at Dream FIRST events. They are in charge of publicizing our events. Archiving is in charge of the teams Chairman’s Essay, and organizing our teams Chairman’s Binder.


Media is another bridge between oCOR and eCOR. Media maintains all of the different social media that the team has. In addition to posting to social media, the Media committee also gives its pictures to the Archiving committee. Media works with Programming to maintain the team’s website.


Dream FIRST plans and manages our Dream FIRST and other community outreach events. Another thing that Dream FIRST does is work on the Dream FIRST book. Currently, they are putting the final touches on book two, and book three is on its way to being planned out.


Fundraising works with the team treasurer to plan fundraising events, and does things such as pick prizes for raffles or looks into new ways to raise money for the team.

Competition Support

Competition Support helps out the team by doing things like making sure we have food for the long days we are working on the robot, and keeps things cleaned and organized around the workshop. TMS also helps plan our team events, and also designs the teams t-shirts every year. In addition, TMS makes sure that the representation of the team during competitions is nice and strong, so that everyone knows that we are loud and proud for being the Second Law Enforcers, and that we are the best robotics team out there.