FLL Logo FIRST LEGO League is for kids from grades 4-8. Each team has at least two adult coaches and up to 10 members. They are challenged to solve realistic problems such as recycling, food safety, energy, etc, by coming up with an original solution. Each season, there is a different theme which encourages creativity. They are required to design, build, and program a robot, while using LEGO MINDSTORMS®, then compete with other teams on a field to complete missions which earn them points. While applying science, technology, engineering, and math concepts (STEM) with their imagination to solve these problems, they are being innovative while having fun.

The Enforcers and FIRST Lego League

The Enforcers send mentors from their team to help with designing the FIRST LEGO League team’s robot to help them solve their real world problems, which they are challenged with. The mentors are sent to help the team with their project and often accompany them to their competition. Since the FIRST LEGO League team has their own practice field, they are able to test their designs and change them to improve it according to their project. The Enforcers have also hosted a Dream FIRST event at the FIRST Lego League State Championship in order for the members to have fun while they are developing helpful skills for the future.

Creating a Team

It is encouraged to create a team! First, a team would need to be put together with at least two adult coaches and up to 10 members. These members must be able to follow the Participation Rules. After getting together a team, the team should be registered at their national level. They would need a Field Setup Kit, which would include everything they would need to set up their field (a practice field, an exclusive collection of LEGO bricks, dual lock fasteners, and a roll-out field mat). After this, the team should find support resources because forming a FIRST LEGO League requires funding. By locating their regions partner, they can be helped with this. The most important thing is safety! The adults should become familiar with the Youth Protection Program. Finally, all there is to do is research the project to help design and program the robot and to have fun!

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