Meet our mentors and coaches!

We are very grateful to have 13 mentors, 6 of whom are alumni, as a part of our team. We love to say that our team is student-driven, mentor-nurtured. So even though our mentors are not directly be leading projects, they all are essential in giving their insight and expertise to the team. They have also been able to provide us with many resources that have been essential in the functioning of our team. Two of our mentors, Tim Barron and Lisa Nollman, have received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award as recognition of their dedication and invaluable expertise. Without our mentors, our team would not be able to run. Thank you to all of our mentors!

Here are some fun and interesting facts about them:

Name Position Fun Fact Representing
Michele Hall Co-Head Coach She worked for 14 summers at a Girl Scouts day camp. She still uses many of the skills that she learned there as a coach. Farmington High School
Tim Barron Co-Head Coach As a high school student, he coached a Park & Rec Youth basketball team. That's how he realized he wanted to be a teacher/coach. Farmington High School
Charles Forstbauer Engineering Coach & Mentor since 2006 If he had more hair, he would dye it blue. Farmington High School
Charlie Bald Assistant Coach & Mentor since 2006 He is not actually bald. Parker Hannifin
Fluid Control Division
Earl Procko Assistant Coach Coming soon! Farmington High School
Trevor Deming Alumni Mentor since 2011 He is a volunteer for New England District events this year. Alexis Aerospace Industries
Lisa Nollman Mentor since 2011 She has been Connecticut's partner for FIRST LEGO League Jr. for 3 years. DaCruz Manufacturing
Matt Crossman Alumni Mentor since 2012 Coming soon! Parker Hannifin
Fluid Control Division
Danielle Parkinson Alumni Mentor since 2014 Coming soon! Collins Aerospace
Mark Sims Alumni Mentor since 2015 This is his 11th year of being involved with FIRST. Student at CCSU
Mark Hofmann Mentor since 2016 Coming soon! Microchip Technology Inc.
Tuhan Nguyen Alumni Mentor since 2017 Coming soon! Student at Tunxis CC
Zarin Salem Alumni Mentor since 2019 She was scoutmaster for so long that she can name every FRC team in Connecticut. Student at NYIT

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